Wednesday, January 16, 2008


AK & his Dad snowmobiling at Hardware Ranch on Friday. Those are gorgeous elk in the background!

My one and only. Yes, thanks to TJ (& P&G), we have life insurance.

Yea! I am catching up on my blog reading (Blog Reader people, get it, it's awesome, but then again you will realize how many blogs you keep tabs on (51) and realize you no longer have time fort the occasional blog stalk) and I saw this on Maren's site and it's the perfect antecdote for no newly downloaded pictures worth sharing or fun stories.

On this history of AK & I

How long have you been together?
fall of 1996

How long did you date? about 5 months of dating and 5 months of engagement. yep, a quickie.

How old is he? 34 (but he's often found saying he's 40, just like in his 20's he would say 30)

Who eats more? definitely me, but he can eat donuts everyday and still weighs the same as the day we were married.

Who said "I love you" first? AK. I even caught him calling me "My Love" in spanish. I totally remember that, where I was, and totally pretending like I had no idea what he said.

Who is taller? AK (he use to be 6'3, but now he says 6'2???)

Who sings better? AK for shizzle

Who is smarter? Seriously debatable, I should say AK and be really nice and non-competitive, but when we were in school, we took a few classes and I am pretty sure I aced him. Although now all I deal and read in is stuff on E! and People Magazine and Sesame Street type stuff and he talks to Docs all day and listens to "intelligent" (another seriously debatable point) radio, etc.

Who does the laundry? Unfortunately, all me (which is why pounds of it are sitting on the couch and floor)

Who does the dishes? pretty 50/50. he usually does it at night and I empty and fill in the morning and all day.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I sleep closest to the bathroom, we switch it around from east to west, but I've always need to be closest to the potty.

Who pays the bills? Moi.

Who mows the lawn? AK

Who cooks dinner? About 60/40 Me/AK. Breakfast is 90/10 AK/Boo.

Who is more stubborn? AK

Who kissed who first? It was pretty much a mutual decision.

Who asked who out? I totally asked him out. (And even first for a ride to Provo to retrieve some keys I'd left)

Who proposed? Josh, I mean AK (by some seriously Josh-persuasion!)

Who is more sensitive? AK

Who has more friends? Me

Who has more siblings? I do, but only by 1.

wears the pants in the relationship? totally depends on what the situation is...mostly me though (I am way too good of getting my way, ask my parents!)

Who are you tagging? Oh dear, Kate, Olsen girls, Liz J., Rachel

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The Gilbert Bunch said...

I was just telling Katie we should go to Hardware Ranch (when it get above 40*). It looks like they had a great time!