Sunday, January 20, 2008

Grateful Sunday

More elk from Hardware Ranch (see blog below). Just so beautiful I had to re-visit (not that I saw it live or anything - bitter - maybe just a little).

Saturday snow sledding with the Nally kiddos.

Morgan taking the jump.

O & J illegally snow ball fighting (so busted!).

  1. I am grateful that Grammy & Grandpa & the Nallys (sans Dad) came up to visit from their warm, beautiful, citrus growing homes in Arizona. We are all so sad they left a day early due to weather concerns, so they missed Temple Square, Gateway, Millcreek snow hike, & going to church with us to further confuse the newly combined ward, & of course, Sunday dinner! We loved having them come and will miss them all.
  2. I am so grateful for incredibly healthy kids. H was seriously complaining of having a hard time breathing, well that it felt like someone punching him (uhhmmmm?). We headed to the Doctor and ended up at Primary Children's getting X-Rays of his perfectly healthy and gorgeous chest bones, heart, kidneys. He loved every minute of it! While I was near hysteria! Immediately after our "fun" visit to Radiology, he was amped to go swimming at Weston's fun birthday party.
  3. The excited anticipation of going to a "new" chapel (it's actually quite gorgeously older, with some newish retro-fittings) with our new addition of another ward. Our ward was great and fun but we were desperate for 8-18 year olds (We had 3 teenage girls, and now will have 18! Yea! We had 2 young men, and I saw at least 4 helping to clear out the old building just yesterday!. And we will actually have more than 1 kid in Senior Primary!) I am so happy our ward stayed intact and that I will get to see all the familiar faces plus new ones!
  4. Knowing and feeling that this abrupt change in our Stake (Area Church Family) was meant to be and sincerely prayed for and counseled about by amazing people. And seriously, as AK would say, it's not about what ward you are in, it's about the gospel (or something practical and Andy-like that).
  5. Hot socks, owls (I finished the green one and almost have the 2nd one finished Trev!), new Flagstaff purchased snow clothes for Arizona kids, beef stew, sourdough pancakes, the Mayan fest, snowmobiling for Dad & son, sledding boys making friends, animal cookies, caramel apples & being with family. Code for Knights & Nallys.


Andy said...

A very concise summary of the many events over the past few days. Gracias for letting me go risk my life as a sledneck.

Trevlyn said...

A big AMEN!!! to that! We loved our time with your sweet fam and hope to do it again soon!!! I want pictures of the owls!!! I'm so impressed!

MarySue said...

I'm trying to be positive and thankful for the most wonderful visit and memories...I just always leave wanting more time with all of you and that makes me a little sad. It was a GREAT family gathering. Thank you so much.