Sunday, February 03, 2008

Grateful Sundee

This week I am grateful for:
  1. A week of reflection and remembrance and testimony building, due to the passing of Prophet and President Gordon B. Hinckley.
  2. Surviving 4 days without AK, barely. I am also grateful that he only travels once a quarter.
  3. Funny Superbowl commercials. Yes, I am watching it. The boys and I had a good giggle over the lizard Thriller commercial.
  4. Oh boy, Richard Simmons, such stamina. Obviously I just saw that commercial.
  5. AK got to do 2 Chickadee runs with the boys after their ski camp yesterday. I am soooooo stoked! I am way more stoked than AK. I just think it is the greatest thing ever. My kids are awesome.
  6. Andy and I finally aligned and were rooting together for the NY Giants! Yea! I just love those Manning boys.


Andy said...

This was the first time you wanted to watch more football than I did. A first! Go underdog.

Megan said...

Mannings Schmannings... There's a reason they are dogs.

Tausha said...

Hey you. Nothing like blogging at work. I love penelope's jammies. Evie has the same pair. One day maybe I'll blog again. Are you still up for lunch?

Tausha said...

Hey, I just looked at Andy's blog. Nice. It sounds like he had a fun childhood and one of those mom's that you never want to be compared to. I can relate to the snake hunting and rooster gathering bit, being raised for the most part on my grandmothers 4 acres. Luke once found 4 baby snakes at her house and killed them all within 10 mins. something about grabbing them by the tail and swinging them around and around repeatedly. Anyway. Tell him I liked it.

Katie said...

I love the Manning brothers... Tom Brady is the dog!