Friday, February 08, 2008

I could have sworn I stayed at the Ritz Carlton house in Jackson Hole last night, if it wasn't for the 6 kids I was in charge of keeping safe and sleeping. I had cable, my own personal treadmill & elliptical, personal butler (Bailey), cleaning staff (all of the kids), and even personal chef (well, for their own person, as long as it's cereal and toast!). The towels were clean and fluffy and the thermostat was a very balmy 71 degrees (I had to turn it down twice, we are used to 68 during the day and 65-66 at night!). I even got a shower rinse in the luxurious huge shower complete with deluxe shower head. Now I just don't quite know what to do with Jackson (except run around chasing him, which Megan warned of and was totally right!). He seems content right now with a go-gurt and being in the buckle in chair. A fun time is being had by all (except maybe Cameron, who for all intents and purposes is definitely and totally giving the former and current Poky Little Puppies/KatieDads a serious run for their money! I can't believe she got out the door (sans socks though, despite my pleading and threatenings).

Quote of the day for Bailey, said this morning during the throes of breakfast, a very poopy morning diaper, and getting Cameron to brush her teeth and hair having 3 minutes to go while she is microwaving bread (?): "Boo, you are a night person aren't you?" Anyone that knows me knows I am definitely not a night person, thus always declared myself a morning person, now I am confused. Maybe I am neither!

The picture above is the khs XC204 which I AM GETTING THIS YEAR! As soon as I am home I am putting in my Norda's order. Seriously. I know I have said this before. I can't wait. Also, we are buying out our lease on the Odyssey of which I am so happy and so proud of my bargaining AK for sticking it to the man and paying almost $4,000 less than the "end lease price". Awesome!


Rachel said...

That is flippin hilarious!! Seriously, I am dying with tears in my eyes. I can see it all. Good luck deserve an award!!

And I love the bike! Maybe I will also take up mt biking with you...Ryan might kill me though:)

MarySue said...

Sounds like you are doing a big and wonderful favor for Megan and tending her precious babes. Acts like this are always rewarded with big jewels in your crown.

JBunch said...

Hey Boo, Thank you for the great update on your adventures while watching our children. They are a handful but they are also such a joy.

Megan and I are having a great time in NYC. Thank you very much for making it possible for us to be together alone.



Brooke said...

Where are you? It sounds busy! Have fun with the bike! We need to ride some more when it warms up some!

derrek & adrienne tyler said...

so obviously i'm not up there skiing with you today. booooo. are we still planning a trip in three weeks? say saturday, march 1st?! :)