Saturday, February 09, 2008

Penelope's Shiner

It's high on her forehead, but you can see the brunt of it. This happened on Wednesday, totally my fault. I left her for 3 seconds, unbuckled in her stroller, and out she popped onto the concrete and possibly skimming the brick. OOOOUCCCHHHH! Dumb Mama! Poor Penelope. It was not my finest day of motherhood. Isn't she still the cutest little button though. She is quite a trooper and she's definitely inherited my very weird "smiling through the pain" thing since 2 minutes after it happened she was smiling and waving "Hi" at my P.A. neighbor's little lady baby Aubie. Also on the Penelope front - her first top tooth has peeked it's way through, I can feel the ridges. This cut has been the "worst" of any I can remember, poor thing. What a week for almost 11 month old P.

Thanks Kat for the photo!


Rachel said...

Please come here now, or just send her. I need a bite:)

Jennie-O said...

Poor P, but she's still the cutest thing!! And what a trooper for smiling through the whole thing :)

Liz said...

I think you totally lucked out to have a tough little female - my girl would have probably cried for two hours after such an experience.