Sunday, September 07, 2008

Grateful Sabbath

1. Grateful I got to go to the Utah game with great neighbor Leigh. It couldn't have been better. We walked there. Got to go straight onto the field. Then take the halftime activity Rice & Eccles jersey frames to the 5th floor Rice Luxury box, then geek out walking past President Uchtdorf and his wife on their way to the luxury box. Then up to the 6th floor to meet and hang with Runge of the game announcer fame and Fox13 sports (Leigh's buddy). Oogle over the views, East and West. Then down to our 50-yard line seats to watch touchdown after touchdown for a Ute victory. For being a huge Georgia fan, Leigh was quite a trooper to my geeking out about the Utes and President Uchtdorf hallway passing. Yeah for Kim and Leigh.
2. O's first day of school on Friday. And his first soccer goal on Saturday.
3. P's first steps and continuing to stand on all tables and boxes???
4. H's real deal soccer game. He was the goalie for the 2nd half and loved it, complete with a little too mellow for Mommy's nerves saves, but he did fantastic and no goals were scored.
5. A great neighborhood paella and swim, in which we missed the paella but had a great time swimming.
6. A fun family Friday night trip to Midway with the Berretts and dreaming of a home there someday.
7. Surviving yet another week of PTA. And thinking I have 2 weeks "off" until the next meeting/activity.
8. Getting a good open water swim complete with super byuoant wet suit yesterday in preparation for next week's triathlon.
9. Some fantastic and great talk 6, 5, & 5 mile runs this week with Kate P. & Susan.
10. Getting over the cough/cold virus of the last few weeks, yet unfortunately P is in the brunt of the barking cough, runny nose, and feeling icky. It was inevitable, the boys are still barking after 2-3 weeks.
11. AK for being AK. He is simply a fantastic father, coach, driver, worker, breakfast chef, and hubby. I am grateful he's been fishing more the last few weeks than he did all last year. And he gets to go to my hometown this week for meetings (specifically the Hyatt of my deb ball). Okay I am jealous, but happy for him, knowing he gets Wahoo's, gets to see my siblings and nieces and nephews, and maybe a little surfing time too.
12. So grateful for an honorable Bishop. For his counsel and peace he brings to me and our great ward.


Rachel said...

Love the Starbucks cups picture. Looks familiar. And the one with PJ and AJ, with P looking at A like she is crazy and A acting like her mom. Cute!!

Hide in his suitcase...

MarySue said...

I always LOVE your Grateful Sabbath posts. I'm grateful for you and that darling family.

Andy said...

Your family is grateful for you. A very fun MOM!

Jennie-O said...

Sounds like you had a great time at the Utes game, I'm jealous!! I can't believe how big P is - she's growing up too fast.

Brooke said...

Map my run is awesome! Honestly, what did we do before the internet?! I got into Ogden!! Will you call me? I would really love to ride up with someone. The Utah game was awesome! As were the cinnamon sugar almonds. I've missed those. What's better, the game or the food?