Saturday, September 06, 2008

I Just Lost a Bet

We are watching "What's Up Doc" with Madeline Kahn, shown above from "Young Frankenstein" and I swore it was the same lady from "Freaky Friday". Andy disagreed, we shook on it (as if to bet something, but nothing was officially betted), I was sure I was right. I was not right.

This is Barbara Harris from "Freaky Friday". Aren't they similar though. They both shriek the same.


MarySue said...

I love What's Up Doc? So many big, fun laughs.

leslie said...

understandable mistake. they do look awfully similar! both great flicks, too. :)

"i am hugh. you are me?" love that part.

Nancy said...

I absolutely love What's Up Doc! Such a great flick. We finally got it on DVD. And Young Frankenstein is a classic, too. Michael and I quote them both constantly. One of my fav lines from WUD is: "I want my bike back. I'll give you your bike back. I'll give you a broken back if you don't be quiet!" Ah! Good times.