Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blue Bird Sled Day

Dude, that kid is STOKED! Holden.

Owen hitting the jump.


Brothers Sledding with Dad at 5 pm (dusk/dark!)

Earlier in the day with D. Owen totally posed this shot by the way, with the board in that position. FYI.

Owen "snowboarding". I couldn't be more proud. He didn't eat it as hard as it looks. And did this a few times. No bindings. The kids may be ready to board this year...uhm.

Owen & the Miekle gang quickly tracked out the Knight sled mount. But the kids never tired of it, even going at dusk/dark with Dad to Sugarhouse for a few good runs. Here are some action pics.


Trevlyn said...

Boy, do we wish we were there enjoying it with you! Great pictures!

MarySue said...

Good, cold fun. Happy grands. All's well.