Friday, December 19, 2008


It's been 4 hours and 28 minutes and they have come up with this. We have 2 more weeks of this fun stuff. Holden came up first and we couldn't figure it out, and then were deciding whether or not to be disgusted (but I knew they were clean per all the clean unfolded laundry scattered throughout the downstairs), and then AK & I just laughed. Owen followed and insisted they looked like Astronauts. These photos may haunt them when they are in Law (Owen "the memory")/Medical School (Holden "the scientist math whiz") at Yale and Penelope is engaged to a Rockefeller.

We like to call them Earl (H) & Randy(O).


Megan B said...

So much for the folder laundry in the drawers. The "drawers" are there, but not what we expected.

Love, Mom/Mamma

Katie said...

that is so funny!!! Wow! Boys.

MarySue said...

Looks like you have a fun Christmas vacation ahead of you. Such fun pics.

Mandy said...

Annette our kids must think alike. Hayden and Hanna run around like that but they say that they are motorcycle riders... They take my laundry basket for their Harley. So I can to laugh with you Andy and Annette. Love you tons