Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Peter Breinholt Christmas Concert

(Ryan (#1 fan), Rachel, Peter, Moi, Kate, Harrison, Bailey, Sue, Zach, & Kay, not pictured: Matt, photog, & David B.)
This was taken last night at the Peter Breinholt Christmas Concert at Rose Wagner Hall (incidentally the same hall Holden's 1st grade opera was performed in, a very beautiful place, and yes I said that like 10 times last night). It was a fantastic time. I saw the concert on facebook and knew the Phelps (Peter's #1 fans) would be in town so I jumped at the chance to get tickets. Dad and Matt were also in attendance and Andy joined us for dinner beforehand (he would have loved it, and I guarantee would have bought me a piano today if he had gone). The talent was incredible and I love that because it shows these incredible, cool guys singing, playing piano, fiddle, banjo, bass guiter, etc. and showcasing their incredible hard work and talent in such a fun way. I really want the boys to pick up violin (I know equally, if not more expensive than piano, but it is so beautiful!). I also love how selfless Peter is with sharing the stage and showcasing his talented friends. I think it's truly humble and great for an entertainer to be this way. It was a fun night. I laughed, clapped along, and even cried. Thanks for sharing this special Christmas event with us.

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Jody said...

Merry Christmas to a super great family! Love and hugs from the little house in the gulley!