Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Morn 2008

Here are some pictures from Christmas morning (from facebook, see where my priorities are nowadays!).

Also, here is a priceless video of the magical excitement of Christmas morning from our house. I love seeing them get so incredibly stoked over the silliest of Santa's gifts (like a slinky!). It is awesome.

We had a fun, if frantic, Christmas with the Stayner siblings, kids, and Maama & Baampa. It was sort of out of hand but memorable and fun. I've said it before, but this year with the boys at these ages is truly magical and fun, and most of their cousins are at the same stages. We loved the 3 drafts of letters to Santa, the shopping and returning and more shopping, the neighbor treats, caroling, giving to others, having the kids really know what Christmas is all about, hearing them sing their beautiful Christmas lullaby (thank you Morinda!) even if I missed every singing performance this season (school and two sacrament meeting performances including one in which the primary sang with the choir! at least I caught a bit of a rehearsal and they sounded amazing, harmonizing and everything!), the Messiah, Peter Breinholt Christmas concert, Zoo Lights, holiday parties, and more. It was a truly fantastic Christmas. And I love my new snowshoes!!! On this glorious past Saturday Holden and I went on a wicked cool snow hike with a borrowed set of kids' snowshoes for H, some poles and a few ladies (and lots of other snowshoers!). The snow was deep and H had a blast! He even said it was more fun than sledding! I am now looking for a few pairs of kids' snowshoes (just went to REI and they didn't have the Tubbs I would like). Bonus, I just found out HWT got snowshoes for Christmas too, so we've already set a date to snowshoe every Monday morning, and Andy is even looking into getting me that Burley ski kit attachment to take PJ and the Taylor kids along.

I am seriously just typing and typing because this 2 minute video is taking forever to upload and I am waiting...

We love the new Wii. We got the Wii fit, Shaun White's snowboarding, and MarioKart. Although the reality of my Wii fit stats are humbling and frightening, I am having a blast, as are the kids. Now we have the Xbox set up on the kids TV (the kids TV and playroom is pretty much adjacent to the adult playroom re: bigger TV separated by a set of double doors that are rarely closed) so I can play with the Wii and they can play Lego Star Wars and a host of other games Matt and the gang just unloaded on us.

Wow, this is taking FOREVER!

What else, I can't stop buying Penelope boots. They are so cute, I can't resist. I wish I could find some for me that were as cute and not $200! I think that is why it is so easy to overload her.

Seriously, this video is worth it!

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shel7by said...

don't you hate when the wii fit adjusts your mii after weighing you? Maybe your result wasn't as sad as mine. We got the snowboarding game, too. That's good times.

please tell me you guys have watched the Mighty Knights backyardigans. I think of you every time it plays. I wish my family could have a cool theme song like that. We're knights -that's right! Always polite! Our knightly skill are outta sight!