Monday, January 12, 2009

2nd Trip to Wahoo's

No pictures, but I look the same (seriously same exact outfit, different shoes - it's me people!) but Penelope had on a different outfit. We went this evening with Cici using up her "one errand a day" bed rest quota. I am really full. We may or may not have gone to Golden Spoon afterwards.

The day started out perfect with breakfast and a walk around the Island with chatty Cathy, I mean Mia (we saw LaDorna, she was very cute with PJane without even knowing who AK and her were). The weather is seriously, disgustingly perfect.

Then we finally got the grey, now back to black car washed. We headed to REI (we forgot to take the hitch off of my bike) to get the part. Andy had to get to meetings (we will see very little of him until Thursday afternoon) we went to hang and help at Rachels before naps (oh, lovely naps).

After naps I was ready to ride but knew I had only a little ride before dark. I left around 4 with PJane and Mia and headed to the Back Bay. I got about 1/4 of the way on the Back Bay road before realizing the set sun meant trouble with no light and two hungry ladies. Needless to say the last 20 minutes on the bike path were dangerously dark, like pure darkness. Luckily, I only had to street ride for a few hundred yards (thus no honking cars, one jerk did honk and scared the daylights out of me). I was most concerned that I would freak out Rachel and upset her (in her very delicate condition) she hardly noticed, thank goodness. We will ride in the morning thank you.



Trevlyn said...

Happy Vacationing! Love to Rachel!

Lacyface said...

So glad you are having fun!