Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Started Rough

This morning started out rough. I think it was totally psychologically based that it was 90 degrees here yesterday and I didn't really notice, well, today I have noticed! Thought I'd take a few girls (Isabel refuses to go, so it's Mia and PJane) on a morning ride to get some groceries, note to self, my 4 year old bike knickers have no padding left, buy new ones!...my bum is so sore! TMI. So it was sort of stressful, while locking up I stepped on Andy's glasses (oops!) totally shattering the hinge and rendering useless, this on the heels of PJane playing with mine on the way down and not being able to find them since (bathroom break in Vegas?)...so I guess I just must head to South Coast Plaza to find another pair (or two)! Then riding home, hearing some odd noises realize the trailer wheel is about to fall off (would not be cool!). Fixed it. All has been well since. Got to see one of my oldest friends Darcy for lunch to laugh, kiss, and catch up. Loved it. And since have been resting and napping with P-Sauce in the hotel room. We get AK tonight and we are excited to hit the town. XOXO

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