Monday, January 26, 2009

AK is in trouble. That's me and my husband AK, both of us. I have found an unmistakeably awesome new kids' clothing site. And I just can't help myself. I was reading fatty's funny get started cycling blog here, and linked to his sisters' site (who I believe I voted in the bloggie thing just because the name was clever, not knowing it was fatty's sisters' site, not that I know fatty, I don't), and I am reading along and she's talking about her kids' track suits, and I remembered how Owen used to wear the camouflaged sweatsuit and how we love track suits (sooo Argentina!), but then I happened to click and click to end up at 'girls dresses' and I fell in love. Owen picked out the "pirate" hoody as his favorite. I haven't found the track suits yet.

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Rachel said...

Seriously, that is so cute!!!