Tuesday, January 27, 2009



Owen's Still Picture (He loves taking pictures!)

Saying Cheese for Owen. Take a good look at her cute healed forehead, because less than 1 minute after this photo was taken she would run down the hall, slip on the rug, and slam her right forehead (left side to you, opposite of the stairwell bump) into the corner of the wall. I was right in back of her and saw it in slow-mo. It was awful. I would have bet we were headed to the Emergency room, but no blood, not even as bad as before, and we tested her knowledge and watched her eyeballs. Later she would be even more hysterical after walking to pick up Holden and coming home with frozen fingers.

Out of the front car window, just to portray and remember how beautiful everything looks. It is so cold that the snow has frozen to the branches and staying there. We got almost a foot by Monday morning (more on that later) and it's really my favorite thing seeing all of the white/grey everywhere.

Monday morning I was diligently brushing off AK's car to go work out (6ish) and I heard a loud crack. I assumed it was the power lines whacking out since they tend to shoot off fireworks of sparks, etc. and our electricity went out the night before for a minute. I was scraping away, and I heard another louder crack, and then right before me, about 4 feet away, a huge branch (shown above) fell covering the driveway in front of me (so as it is laying here but across the driveway to the right). I felt really bad for the poor tree. And started shoveling, figuring I wasn't about to be able to remove the branch and thus get the car out of the driveway, and I would still get some cardio/muscle work shoveling the block. After Andy and our neighbor Levi severed the branch completely from the tree (with Levi's chainsaw, awesome!) and removed it from the driveway, we actually realized it made the tree more symmetrical and the branches no longer scrap my car when I drive out. I guess nature knew better. Poor tree.

P.S. Anybody need some curly willow branches? I have seen people come and snap them off my tree you know.

P.P.S. While there is a photo of my home, I am seriously considering painting the front door a blue, like almost turquoise blue? Any other suggestions? I am pretty sure the primer is still on both the door and its casing. And maybe I will try the side door first. Pink. Orange. Not green. Grey. Black may fade (west facing). Oooh! I like these...too clownish for the 'hood?


Mandy said...

Hey Annette I love those colors. I love bright colors so I saw go for it... It will show some more character to your home. 3

Anonymous said...

Annette - I love the snow pictures. They're beautiful. I vote a vibrant French blue for the front door. (Its me, Michelle H.)

Michelle Hancock said...

I'm lame. Still learning this blog comment thing. :)