Sunday, January 25, 2009

Grateful Sabbath

"Cheese!" My poor girl wore this pajama ensemble all day Saturday. But seriously, isn't she cute. We are especially proud of her today, as she lasted in nursery until the end of church, without parents! Thanks to Liz J. who she clung to for a few minutes in hysteria! But she did alright! Yea and thank you to the nursery peeps!

Chip Smiling. Also a monumental moment. Not that he's not a happy dude, he's the straight faced comic guy. And my cute modeling husband in the background (he's really just watching the 'tube).

1. I am glad I went to church today. Even though I lost it this morning as the kids were getting dressed (in jeans!!!! they are khaki colored, but I've told the kid at least 15 times! I really just need to get rid of them.) and being picky about shoes, already little lady! We got there, and eventually I felt the love.
2. My cute husband and for laughing and goofing yesterday morning. He's a very good guy, but it's a rare delight to see him make a funny goofball of himself for me and the kids.
3. Good friends and family surrounding us. We are blessed.
4. My awesome "new" storage/office/craft space thanks to Kate and her amazing organizing/clean methods.

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Liz said...

I felt so honored to be one of the trusted adults in P's life. So sweet to cuddle her, I loved it.

I swear Satan conspires against me every Sunday morning.