Sunday, March 15, 2009

Disney & Friday

The place where Owen left his seashell.

Friday morning on a fantastic beach walk with Owen. We walked from the villas, which was a little long for the little dude, but he did it and was a perfect companion on my favorite outing.

The beloved seashell he left behind (it is a preserve and thus no rocks or seashells may be taken from the beach, although I would love to and the driftwood is fantastic).

At disneyland in the longest line of the day, for Nemo's submarine ride (30 minutes), trying to keep entertained with what was in my swim back pack.

This was the most awesome age for both boys. I remember truly believing I would be the "master of the kingdom" too. Everything was so real, especially to Owen.

Climbing & Surfing in California Adventure

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shel7by said...

i love disney but i did not love the nemo ride booorrring and congested.