Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Owen's Birthday

See, I am crazed! I wasn't upset, I was just reiterizing how much he loved each gift, very enthusiastically. Photos are in reverse order, of course.
The traditional Knight pinata.

Eating the cake.

Gathering 'round the cake.

Water balloon toss. This seemed to be much harder than the last party. I think it was the biodegradable water balloons.

Reading the first clue to the treasure hunt.

Oh dear. Not only did I not birthday blog my very own Osterizer (who turned 6 yesterday, yes, I cried at least twice), but not even St. Patrick's Day (and we are Irish, you know a wee percentage, but if you saw Owen's green eyes and Penelope's beautiful light auburn honeyed hair you'd see it!). So we got home from our very fun vacation and on Monday I sent out an email to a few neighborhood ladies of Owen's friends who would most understood that I was inviting them to a birthday that would take place TOMORROW and that Owen would not allow me to say "no gifts please" (I didn't tell them that of course, but I wish I could). So not everyone was invited and a few were invited on the morning of the birthday party and I have solidified my standing as a most overwhelmed and procrastinating Mom, but I must say the party was fab and went swimmingly. He had already planned on a "green party" so I just had to have it on his real birthday, which just happens to be St. Patty's. Donkeys were pinned, water balloons were tossed and splattered, a green frog pinata was blasted, cake and ice cream were devoured, presents were opened and loved, a wild treasure hunt ensued, baseball was organized, and basketball was played. It was totally low stress and quite low cost. Andy and I made the cake, the greenish-tint rice krispy treats that were shared with the kindergarten class, and we have yet to actually buy him a present yet (horrible, I know, but the Wii game he really wants we can't basketball and we couldn't think of anything else, and neither could he), he really doesn't seem to mind. He was so excited all day, and loved sharing his birthday with the St. Patty's day festivities seemed to add to it. I have to note that in kindergarten they made these green lensed "leprechaun glasses" which when looked through you can actually see leprechauns. He spent at least an hour, maybe longer outside looking for leprechauns, it was freaking adorable. He always made sure none got in the house as well. I love this age! It is the best.

P.S. Just so you don't think I am totally ungrateful for where I live...I do love it, this morning I had a marvelous crisp air morning walk (it would've been a run but a necessary piece of equipment that rhymes with raw was in the wash) and I got to see the great view of the city, the air was clear, the snow was still glistening on the mountains above, yet spring is so in the air it is blessed. Andy is with the kids at the park right now flying Owen's birthday Kite from CJ and we have been playing in the back yard all day and even walked to the store for groceries (not totally unheard of, although I was wearing a sweater that was quickly shed when I returned home).


Trevlyn said...

Happy BELATED Birthday, Owen!!! What a super party for a super boy!

Oh, and Tessa's big into rhyming games...she'd play with you any day! ;)

Lacyface said...

My "Irish" friend....

Liz said...

Don't forget she's also Jewish.

The party sounds so fun - Caroline loved it. I am SO HAPPY that the kite has already been used!

"Rhymes with raw" - ha ha ha! Love you!

go boo boo said...

okay, so I really am legitimately irish. I will show you my gigantic geneology book that just happens to have been in my car for a month. and maybe then we can track the danish jewish ancestry.