Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I had to note another milestone that I have to say I am very sad about...yesterday H and I did a few afternoon errands and we were going from the car to the shop in a crazy parking lot and I held out my hand for him to take and all I got was air. I realized, yea, he is old enough to cross the street, but the lack of his squishy, little hand in mine made me sad all night (and obviously until morning). We are hitting some big milestones that are making me note how quickly he has grown (like wanting to read by himself, even though I totally made him read with me last night! and more). Just had to note. Busy day ahead starting with skipping my morning run (nice start!) even though I haven't been able to sleep since 5! Not cool.


MarySue said...

I need that big boy down here swimming. Miss them all so much.

Christie K said...

so don't look forward to such milestones