Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mid-Summer Catch Up

Fourth of July trip at Bear Lake. Poor Holden had been ailing for a week or so, and finally Andy took him in to the Doctor and he was diagnosed with pneumonia! He was like this picture (slacky, lethargic, grumpy, & sleepy) for a few weeks before we got our Holden back.
Kate, Amy J. & I (not pictured, behind the camera!) on the East side of the lake during our 4 hour bike around the lake. It was definitely a highlight and I can't wait to do it again.

At the top of Logan Canyon's perfect short family hike with the funky trees (I obviously cannot recall the trail name!). Despite the mosquitoes, we had a good time. This is Samuel & Owen, cousin buds forever!

Greco-Roman wresting in Red Butte's new rose garden. Holden & Owen.

"Bathing" at Bear Lake. This bucket of water is what we washed up in at Bear Lake (and our beach homes) many a sandy toes.

On the funky tree hike. The glimmer of Bear Lake is behind AK & PJ.

Cute Maama and Sir Baamps-a-lot with PJ and Owen at Mac Grill.
Owen had been begging for a while to get a haircut. Holden wanted to grow his out forever. We ended up chopping them both. I wasn't planning on cutting PJ's gorgeous fine locks, but she wanted to get her hair done so much and loved every choppy minute of it (she is such a girl!). I miss her piggy buns and Holden's gorgeous thick hair, but it grows quickly!

The best snuggle in the whole wide world. AK after a very wearying week. More on that to come...
Besides Swim Team (Holden) and Tennis (Owen) we are very tired by 11am and haven't explored summer as much as usual. I am still training for the St. George Marathon and so far its been great. I did a hilly and steady 12-miler yesterday and was not sore one bit (a few chafed spots and blisters where I didn't apply body glide, but otherwise perfect!). I have done 2 triathlons this summer and am looking forward to my first Olympic Triathlon this coming weekend in Idaho. Andy will be bringing the kids and meeting me up there the day of the race and then whisking us off to Jackson Lake for a few days, yeah! The garden is looking great and full and productive. I love the zucchini, but haven't quite figured out when to pick the yellow squash. The tomatoes are green and getting bigger daily. And AK's corn is sprouting the flower thing. The rest is just huge and full and hopefully getting enough water. We have been totally slacking on homework and reading, and getting way too much Wizards of Waverly and Hannah Montana watched in this house, but I am weary of the fight of chores and homework so that will have to be for now (and they are pretty funny shows). That's my update and I am sticking to it.


Rachel said...

love it!! can't wait to join in

Trevlyn said...

Awesome! Great pictures and fun adventures! I love P's long legs!

Heather said...

Annette ... just stumbled upon your blog. So great seeing your family photos and busy life as a mom to 3!
~Heather Caldwell