Thursday, August 06, 2009

John Hughes

I am so sad to have just heard about the death of John Hughes. My very formative years from elementary (yea my Dad was the Bishop and Sixteen Candles was part of a ward birthday party video in circa 1982ish), to seeing Some Kind of Wonderful 4 times at the UCI movie theatre, to Pretty in Pink and She's Having a Baby all of which we still watch religiously. Having to get permission slips in HS to see Breakfast Club in psychology (although we had already seen it at home, again, I guess before our family really adopted the LDS movie standard thing) and more. The music. The outfits. The hair. Everything about a John Hughes movie I had already been missing for 20 years and will never again be. I had been hoping he'd revisit our Gen X & Y with an "update" movie, but within the last year or so I had read about his reclusive lifestyle (although he did continue to write, eg. Maid In Manhattan I believe). Rest in Peace John Hughes.


Bailey said...

Love his movies. Did you also know that Fatty Cyclist's wife Susan passed away yesterday? A huge loss. So inspiring. Fight like Susan.

This is Megan on Bailey's account btw.

Pat said...

I listened to a story about him on NPR this morning. It was interesting to hear his prospective on why he made the movies.

What I want to know is where is your race report? I'm sure you have some thoughts about your first olympic.

Also, the carpet went in yesterday and we're moving stuff around. I told C that as soon as we're done, y'all are the first ones we're having over.