Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Conley Wedding Trip

Oh they are funny. But in this one everyone is looking in the right direction.

McCormick Ranch Train Park (aka the best deal for train rides, carousel, and park ever!)

Probably our best photo, although Penelope had just been traumatized by a cactus, and only Andy's shirt is tucked properly, and my pale arm seems to be dominating the photo. And Katie thinks its weird we are "in the middle of cactuses" or cacti as they are properly known.

Crop-able. I love my family, can't you tell? We had a great Arizona trip (if you take out the drive home, at least we had the candy to bribe with, eat in total frustration, and throw at the children in desperation). The wedding was blissful (the most darling couple ever!) and we still got to hang and explore. Trader Joe's was hit twice since it was right next door to our hotel (I curse the peanut butter chocolate minis), the company was fab (we got to see bff's Tiffany (me) and Alex (AK) and the Knight family), the restaurants and shopping are sorely missed, the scenery was amazing, but I am still wondering if a drive with the kids is worth it. I am desperately trying to talk AK into a no kids trip next time, but I don't think Grammy and Grandpa would like that one bit. The kids went swimming (even though I think it was record cold for Scottsdale), I went running (10+ miles I believe), we all got to trick or treat together (no one had to stay home to pass out candy). Fun was had by all.


Caitlin said...

Look at your cute family.

So fun to run in to you today. I think you should definitely go with the grey sofa. It could look amazing with your wall color.

Christie K said...

we sure missed you guys and would have loved to have been there for the big event. you guys look great, love the bow-tie

Rachel said...

But the first one is printable and classic cause it shows so much personality. I love it!!