Friday, November 20, 2009

Twihard Report

Dinner was great. Tsunami (sushi). Funny, funny, great girls. Get to the movie theatre an hour early. 2nd row seats. Lots of crazy. Howling. Many more teenagers than I imagined (midnight! on a school night!). A few more 5 year olds than I ever imagined. Many more men than I imagined. Howling women. I had a huge burst of insecurity as I saw what company I was surrounded by, lots of pajama clad crazy. But it was really fun. Good characters. Great special effects. Still bad writing (I feared for our row's life as we cackled along some utterly cheesy lines, that the rest of the very still and I guess "moved" theatre would kick us out. R Pat is cute. Kellan Lutz looks way better with dark hair (in character). Jacob is perfectly cast (with his nerdy talk which begs that he is the "little" guy). It was very loud and I had to close my eyes at least once. The most moving part was the trailer we had been seeing for weeks (when Jacob phases in front of Bella). Love the wolf-pack. Aros was the best actor. It was good and fun was had by all. Got home at 3ish and I couldn't get to bed. Woke up at 7, first up in the family, and am awaiting the crash today. Loved the music. I might already have the soundtrack that I bought over a week ago (which totally admits me into the Twihard crazy, huh?). Not bad for a girl who didn't love the books, right? Thanks Ashley for the ticket and the fun company of your darling friends. It was a truly memorable and fun night.

P.S. Bella's eyebrows were driving me crazy. I made the same mistake at 18 and my eyebrows were way too small (and I have the deb picture to prove it). But it looks like she had the same Eyebrow Shaper as Jacob.

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