Saturday, November 21, 2009

Reading Report

Currently reading: What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Caldwell. He makes me want to work in advertising like Grisham makes me want to be a lawyer. It is a series of his articles from the New Yorker wherein he interviews "real people". Love it, its a keeper.

Note to self: Get hands on "Open" by Agassi while its on Best seller list (since it'll be less expensive even with my B&N discount). And then I will also have to pick up "The Help", which I have seen but finally got a good personal review from Kate.

And yes, I need to bring in the bookcases again.


Admin said...

I've got "The Help", if you'ld like to borrow it! Emi

go boo boo said...

darling Emi! if it means seeing you, yes! although I have to admit I bought it yesterday, and you know how I am at borrowing books...