Friday, November 27, 2009

Andy peeling apples for the pies. We differed on our apple pie crust construction, but all three of our apple pies turned out yummy (if we say so ourselves). We've been eating one all day! We also had pecan, and Linny's yummy pumpkin.

Owen peeling apples for apple pie.

Boys peeling the sweet potato for sweet potato souffles. We were apparently in charge of all root vegetables. We went through a box of sweet potatoes and a whole costco ginormous bag of regular potatoes for the mashed.

We celebrated Thanksgiving at the generous Bunch home with the parents' Stayner, Creers, and Conley families. Everything tasted amazing! And John and Megan had the foresight for everyone to make extras so each of us took home lots of leftovers. Everything almost taste better the next day don't you think? Hopefully Kate will post her dinner pictures. It was very sweet seeing all the kids excited and sitting up eating together. It was cool to see that they knew this was an important holiday dinner and acted mostly accordingly.

I am thankful for my little family, each and every loving one. And for extended family, their health and love. I am grateful for our home, friends, neighbors, the gospel in my life and in my families, and this very cool world in which we live. And for this awesome country, where a woman is free to wear pants, vote, and has the choice to think and act freely. xoxo Boo

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