Saturday, December 05, 2009

Starting the Season Off Splendidly

Andy hard at work.
The Lobby, and the best place to sit and read by the huge fireplace. I have a new found love for down-leather chairs, sofas, and pillows.
The Relaxed Couple.

I looked forward to last week for quite a while. Back in October, the days before the marathon, I was lucky enough to have my incredibly generous parents watch the kids Wednesday through Saturday so I could accompany Andy and his new Amgen sales team compatriots to the brand new Waldorf-Astoria Park City Dakota Lodge. I relaxed, continued to taper my training, ate carefully, slept long, and just chilled in this beautiful place in preparation for the race.

Well, this week again the team loved it so much that although team members come in from Phoenix, Montana, Idaho, & California, they decided to come back and enjoy Park City, and the same gorgeous hotel that happens to be 20 minutes away from our own home. This time I ate freely, took pictures, attended the Golden Door Spa Zumba class (first time!), worked out, ate freely, relaxed, chilled, shopped, and this time I got to do it with 3 other of the Reps' wives who came to town. The first night we were all invited to dinner with the team at the Stein Erickson Lodge where I hadn't been to since we roamed the halls when I was younger (we learned, stayed, and played at Deer Valley growing up). The food was amazing and amazingly expensive, but amazing. Andy's team are all very similar in wit and I laughed so hard as they goaded each other and just joked and told stories all around. Mostly making fun of people's company car choices, like ours for being the very granola-type Salt Lake car and discussing what bumper stickers we will be putting on ours (usually Subaru Outbacks are notorious for their Save the Canyons, Obama, Coexist, etc. stickers all over the back window). Others who opted for the even less "cool" Mazda 5, for its 3rd row, were made fun of even more. I voted for the Volvo of course, but according to AK the rack wasn't good time. Anyhew, good times were had by all, and I ate my disgustingly good fill.

Next day I met a wife for my first ever Zumba class. It was fun, but I will never dance in public again and I publicly apologize for dancing at any and all wedding before now. Lunch and Norda's. Then we hit the outlets for some stuff (my main goal was socks for the kids and I almost just stuck to that). Naps, resting and I finished Agassi's 'Open' whereon I immediately placed the book on the nightstand where it fell breaking it's binding! I hate that! Then working out with Andy and his bosses mastering then teaching the cool Kinesis workout, more chilling, dinner with Chip and Riki (another Reps' wife) and back to boob-tube (I got hooked on the White Collar marathon) and eat some of the turn-down chocolates (we saw the service coming and asked for doubles, they gave us triples, yeah, treat for the kids too!) and bed.

In the morning I headed to the gym, ran for 10, started on some kinesis training but being alone and looking at the gorgeous, but chillingly cold 5 degree day I decided to head down the canyon and attend tennis workout at Liberty (I am addicted, I have been going for over a month now). Sped down and made it back in time to shower, pack up, and chill a little. We checked out, and hung out in the Presidential Suite, where their meetings were being held, took some pictures, went for some Hapa sushi and finally came home and relieved the generous and incredibly favored babysitters Maama and Sir Baamps a lot. I slept best last night (I really love my own bed!) and was happy to be with the kids again. But it was lovely and fun and luxurious and dangerous (getting used to this amazing hotel and service).


Liz said...

My only thought is how veeeeery different our lives are right now!

go boo boo said...

Yes Liz, I have no baby! I actually appreciated that this weekend, and looked forward to my "new phase".

Rachel said...


Liz said...

Well you've been through the new baby thing three times too, so you've earned it. I'm going to be partying it up when I'm out of this phase! Probably not, but I am going to enjoy being able to be away long enough to see a movie at a normal hour or workout, etc.!!!