Thursday, March 04, 2010

Lobster Fest 2010

We love when Tyler, AK's big brother, comes to town. He came to snowboard with 2 very cool buddies and sent 20 "bugs", freshly caught and still kickin' from Boston. It is the 3rd time we have been so lucky with live bugs to boil from his hometown, Beantown. It was a blast. We felt like we actually hosted a very cool, party too, which was great! Thank you to our cooks Linny & John, the benefactor Tyler, and his fantastic friend Todd for the Lobster History 101 and Lobster tricks demonstration, and for Brooks for being a sport and not needing an epi pen due to his shellfish allergy. And to those who ate and mingled with us, we love you all and know you too enjoy Tyler's visits.
She really wanted to eat them, or at least play with them a bit.

Brooks & Tyler (Megan's back)
Scott E., Dave E., & AK
Chip. AK, & Josh
Tia Dori, Scott, Todd, Tyler

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Rachel said...

I like your blue kitchen. Looks like a fun party!