Thursday, April 08, 2010

We are in Phoenix, at 7:30am we are soaking in the sun (it is already 60 and will climb to lower-80's today). The picture was taken on the way down and although the entire rear of the suburban was clear for "Javi space" she kept climbing over to snuggle with H. She got out of every tie-down contraption we could think of to hold her.

Yesterday morning we headed to downtown Phoenix and enjoyed the Phoenix Children's Museum. My favorites were the beautiful 3 and under playplace, the art time Earth Day wreath the kids made, the noodle forest, the derby car track, and looking forward to the fantastic $1million tree house they are building. It was clean and eco-beautiful looking and the kids had a blast.

We had some Macayo for lunch and headed home for naps and swim time. H & O went in for short stints at a time, while AK got in, mostly to teach Javi to swim. By the 3rd pull she was jumping in herself, not knowing if it was more to save AK who would swim away as fast as possible to avoid her "saving" claws. If AK wasn't in the pool, Javi was trying to get him in to dive in after. When the boys were in the pool, she was always on high alert (which is what we expected from her Newfie heritage). Soon we will start the rope tow lessons for Bear Lake fun.

I headed to Tiffany's for a bike ride to mani-pedi to sushi run with her darling birthday girl Kaleigh. It was a blast! I love her and miss her and always want to move next door to her and back to the valley of the sun when I see her.

The family headed to a Scout Award meeting, which they loved seeing their cousins get patches for their efforts in scouting.

Today, we are unplanned as of yet, but after a short run and the dog walk AK is on we will get to planning our day before swimming this afternoon.


Trevlyn said...

Love, love, love having you all here!

Linny said...

Sounds like a blast!! Laughed so hard thinking of Javelina in the Suburban and in the pool. Good stories :)