Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Beach Trip 2010

The kids & I, Kate and two of her kids, just returned today from a week at the beach. First day (Monday), Big aka Big Corona. It was the first day the boys really boogey-boarded, dunked, and really swam in the ocean. It was a blast! Second day, Bayshores, private bay beach ala Deni Newcomer's digs (my 2nd madre/bff since Kindergarten's Mom's beach home). We were there from 10 (right after C'est si bon) until 6ish. Like seriously, Lorian would go make and bring us food, we never left. We got burned that day and the sting would relish for 2 days. Wednesday we headed to L.A. to see the new cousin (Sarah Anne Stayner, Matt & Kay's 3rd), and Liz and her cute belly that was 2 days away from having baby Hyrum (born this morning at 3am, her 3rd as well) and brood at their local beach Manhattan Beach. We got Zach out of his LMU basketball camp (and Matt's 2nd or 3rd graduate degree alma mater) and rocked the beach and their local Wahoo's. Thursday we hit Big again with Lorian and baby James and Merritt and her cute kids. I got to body surf and swim a lot that day (and this trip), as I was much more at ease with the kids' swimming abilities and ocean play. We missed the Phelps at the beach (due to Mia's burn recovery), but it was fun to play at their house and Wahoo with them. I loved working out with Ryan in the mornings at Equinox, a most amazing gym, and their fantastic classes (and all things Kiehl's soaps!). It was a blast. I still dearly miss it and really would move back in a heart beat. Lori and I even saw a late night movie at the Island theatres (little Big), Mr. Despicable which was darling. I loved being with my oldest and dearest buddy back in our home digs and reminiscing our fantastic and unbelievable upbringing. This trip made me really miss Mother's Market, Wahoo's, the beach and it's beauty and simplicity, CDM, and my cute husband and dog at home. We will be back (hopefully even in August!).

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