Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bear Lake/Late Summer Recap 2010

I finally got a computer! No more work computer, my very own, well, I guess I get to share with the kids, so now I am updating and uploading like crazy!!!

Wow, the summer has flown by, and we have a week and a half until the boys start school, and a few weeks for PJ. Potty training PJ has been my nightmare, and taking her anywhere in general, but otherwise, summer has been fun. Swim team for H wrapped up shortly after State Championships August 1 weekend. It has been a great break for him, and amazingly enough he can't wait to go back. O wrapped up his first swim team season with the Championships this past Saturday. He rocked it, and is looking forward to next summer's swim season. The kids and I headed to Bear Lake this week, wherein we played at the beach, biked around, ate lots of ice cream, and even headed to Logan one day for shopping and a movie ('Despicable Me' fantastic!). Andy came up for one mid-week evening and for Friday night. The boys and I enjoyed the meteor shower on the 13th, and H found his favorite star ('Vega'). Geeky, but I loved watching Uranus and Jupiter float together across the night sky (we watched until almost 11pm and then I got up again at 3:30 to see some more). When Andy arrived, I dashed on my road bike and did a quick and easy 30 miler on the East Side of the lake, and loved every breath taking, rattlesnake avoiding (one), sunset, silent moment. Prior to our Bear Lake adventure the Knight grandparents and Nally family (sans Mark) came to visit. I was away in Provo running the Provo 1/2 marathon with Megan and friends, and was away for a night, but Andy and family rocked out and checked off some big summertime to-do's buy taking the kids to Cherry Hills and to Lagoon. In the midst of this summer madness, and a fit of PJ horror, I cut my own bangs. My nickname should be bangs, and when salons open again on Tuesday, I really have got to get my hair fixed up and colored quick. I've dealt with it for a week now, and worn a hat for 1/2 of it, so I am surviving, but it needed a pick up anyway. Andy is working his buns off selling Prolia this summer, thus the AK-less vacations :(. But we are looking for some fall trips when he will be able to get some time away.

Tonight we went on a great Millcreek hike. Everyone had a blast. And we stopped and played where the family played with the Nally's and Knight grandparents last week at this time. We look forward to many trips up Millcreek this fall (we have missed it!).


the conleys said...

glad to see you're up and runnin! and don't stress.. the bangs are rockin, I promise.

love you!

Trevlyn said...

Sounds like we got all our clutter off your new desk just in time! :) What fun! We had the BEST time with you guys and I'm constantly running the slideshow of our trip pictures, reliving the great memories! Love you guys!