Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Week #5 Mom's Chicken Noodle Soup

Personally, I pre-boiled the chicken, but did reserve some of the "stock". I love how my Mom makes and incorporates her own stock in this recipe. I am sampling it now and it is truly delicious (and this is coming from someone who's Brocolli Soup was "eh" and a late week self-recipe'd Chicken Tomato Beans & Corn soup didn't turn out great either (although Owen loved it, go figure). Today I also made key lime pie (will add recipe upon tasting) for the girls, but I just found out M's out of town, meaning more for us! I enjoyed making it thoroughly as I was entertained by O & his great friend "Viv" chatting and playing away. Enjoy!

Chicken Noodle Soup
5 lbs chicken, 1 whole or 6 breasts
2 T salt
2 cups sliced carrots (3 large)
3 cups diced celery (whole stalk)
1 c. chopped onion
1 T. Lawry's or other Poultry Seasoning (I was pretty generous with the seasoning)
2 T. Parsley Flakes or Fresh Parsley (always Italian Flat Parsley)
4 cups Noodles uncooked (Grandma's Frozen, 2 packs)
5-8 cups chicken stock (depending on your taste for more or less broth, I went for more broth)
Salt & Pepper (to taste, I did a few tsp. salt and about a tsp. pepper)

Simmer Chicken and salt plus one stalk celery and one carrot for 45 minutes. Take chicken out to cool. Whole Chicken - skin, bone, & dice. Chicken Breasts - dice. Skim fat off broth. Reserve the broth. In large soup pot, heat 1 Tbsp olive oil, add onions, carrots, celery to soften. Add reserved stock, chicken, & spices. Simmer for 20 minutes. Add frozen frozen noodles and additional Chicken stock (if needed), and parsley. Cook additional 15 minutes. Serve hot.

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