Wednesday, May 04, 2011

It's Utah Spring Week - May Be The Only One!

 AK at 46th.  Oh I miss that man.  He's traveling, and whenever I talk to him on the phone, I can hear in his voice how he misses us.  How he misses watching H play baseball and get his first hits, slide into home, and amazing first base outs.  I even hear how he misses cuddling PJ to calm her down from her daily fit, and O's activity and excitement and competition in everything.  But we get him home when he's at home and we feel incredibly blessed.

Now, this is on the brain as we plan our upcoming gutting and designing of our two bathrooms.  I totally pilfered these pictures from various websites including design*dump, Traditional Home, habituallychic, and maybe more that I didn't write down (but most likely found via these websites).
I love this, but AK didn't like the similar floors that we did in our old home's basement bath and the storage for my messy ways just will not do...but I imagine one day for a ranch house guest room.
 Most realistic if not totally predictable.  I love the hexagon tile, so definitely into that, but the subway tiles are taking some convincing for Mr. K (he seriously thinks Subway, like the dingy underground when I mention it).  My only concern with all white is our black dog hair, but she's not allowed in the bathroom anyway...
 Love the floor, and possibly and more realistic color with totally different everything else, but it inspired me to want wallpaper for the upstairs bath.
 I am curious about the frequency of wood floors in bathrooms?  In our house we would've had to replaced the warped wood from splashy bathers, three times already.  But the console is nice, I would like a little more shape at the feet.
Gorgeous!  At this point for the bigger bath I am thinking the large hexagon tiles for the floors, a tri-color (in the white/grey/blue family) shape for the walls, white cabinets with crystal knobs and a tall cupboard, two sinks, two cabinet mirrors (storage, storage storage!),  new lighting (an additional overhead and fan included) and a great wall paper.  For the itty bitty shower room downstairs, I love the antiqued free standing pieces like at Restoration Hardware.  Any suggestions and/or pictures are welcome.


MarySue said...

Sounds like some big bathroom plans. I'm with you when it comes to storage, storage, storage...that's why I can't ever do a pedestal sink. Hope your sweetie gets home soon.

Lindsay said...

that makes me so sad about Andy being away. I love all of these photos.. let me know if you ever need opinions, I love this stuff!
J & I would love to come to a baseball game! let us know!

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