Monday, January 21, 2008

Where in the World is Penelope?

The boys called this P's "Guitar Hero" hair do.

For the record, this was last Sunday, the last day in our old ward and building (they kicked us out last week and told us all to find our own denomination since I think they've just given up on us!).

Totally busted - going over the precious, yummy smelling, French-imported doll, for the ball.

I was starting to expect Rachel to call in to a tabloid and ask them to report 'Where in the World is Penelope?' along the lines of Shiloh and Suri. I am happy to report P is cuter than ever. Talking nonsense, waving, clapping, sort of sometimes blowing kisses, giving kisses, scooching on her bum, yelling at the boys (like right now in fact), wanting to eat big kid food and at least feed herself, loving attention by all and especially Aunties, Uncles, cousins, grand-rents, and great Grandpa, and willingly giving her two toothed smile to all (except if you have facial hair-like cousin Carl (and look-alike Captain Jack) then she will like to keep a constant wary eye on you).


Rachel said...

That is just what I needed! OH MY SHE IS SOO CUTE! We need to get her and Isabel together in their monkey PJs (and Mia too). Seriously, that look with the ball is just like Isabel. Who me? I want to eat her up!!!

I like all your recent are on fire!

Jen said...

Annette this picture of Penelope is so cute. Her facial expression in the pictures is so dang cute. She has the cutest personality I have ever seen. I also like you title for these pictures of Penelope that is so funny.